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Welcome to Disposable Fiction Comics



Disposable Fiction Comics is a small press publisher consisting of one writer and one colorist and letterer. We collaborate with thoughtful, creative artists rich in talent. We create short fiction to read on the subway or the bus on the way to work. Though you may throw our comics away at the end of your trip, our stories will stick in the back of your mind.

Disposable Fiction Comics is trying to add something new to your world. Our bread and butter are bite size one shot stories done in an anthology style with a new artist for each story. We’ve also assembled a few one shot issues. Our stories vary genre and reflect a diverse cast of characters. We bring magic, truth, paranormal accounts, theological debate, modern crimes, and stories from lives that will never be.

We are working tirelessly to bring you new material monthly.


People Behind the Scenes



Jack Wallace 

Writer and Editor-in-Chief of Disposable Fiction Comics

Jack Wallace is a writer from Columbus, OH. He’s 30-something, happily married, and finds himself inexplicably working in finance. Through the production of his first book, he created Disposable Fiction Comics, LLC. Disposable Fiction started as a group of short stories which turned in to a book which turned in to a website which turned in to a company. He can be reached at




Chris Allen 

Letterer & Colorist, Associate Editor

Chris is a comic/pinup artist, writer, colorist, & letterer now based in Scotland. He is a huge comic book fan across all styles of artwork and genres of stories and a collector of comic books and memorabilia. Now Associate Editor and co creator of Disposable Fiction Comics, Chris is looking forward to working on exciting new projects. Chris can be contacted directly at