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TAROT CON published on

A psychic and a medium meet at a convention, Tarot-Con. They soon learn that  they can’t keep secrets from each other. Old dead friends can’t keep their distance any longer. 

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Guest Artist: Dhoolaeh Vuckovic

Pencils & Ink


Dhoolaeh is a semi-professional in comics and a professional graphic designer trying to break out into the comics fields. He is from Bosnia and can be reached at 



Guest Letterer: Nic Shaw


Nic J Shaw is a comic creator by trade. For the past two years, Nic has been making waves in the comic community both lettering and writing. He’s had his work published by IDW, Gestalt, and Black Mask comics as well as a slew of other self-published creators. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his girlfriend and dog.