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SPELLBOUND published on

Two elves are sent to mountainside town of Haromore to investigate the suspicious murders of two dwarvin miners. The culprits are two unlikely suspects, a old woman and a young boy. Wizards, Golems, and Dwarves reveal their true nature in this genre-blending tale combining the best elements detective and fantasy stories.

MM cover

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Guest Artist: Peter Zeisler

Pencils & Ink

Peter is currently a freelance artist specializing in comic books. He graduated from Ohio University in 2015 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and focus in Painting and Drawing. Living in Athens, Ohio, he has led and assisted with several volunteer art-based community projects with elementary schools. He takes inspiration from literature, nature, and martial arts for his comic art style. He has an emphasis on line to imply fluid motion with the characters and compositions on the page and in the panel.

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