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Tiffany is a leading a movement.  A movement that’s growing. The pressure grows right along with it. Tiffany watches her friends and family struggle against the same things she is protesting. Finally a solution to all her problems falls in her lap.  At what cost does one’s convictions come?

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Guest Artist: Christian  Lefebvre

Pencils & Ink


Born in Hull, Quebec in 1976, but currently residing in Montreal, Christian Lefebvre is a Canadian comic book writer / artist inspired by the works of Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, Ennis/Dillon and Azzarello/Risso, to name a few. His past work includes Zombies of Longshadow released in 2013, as well as the independent comics Reactor, Idea Assassin, Escape from Arcathrax and Skeletons & Fools.He is currently working on a feature title called “Dreams in Soft Focus” with his long-time collaborator Tyro Vogel, scheduled to be released in 2015. Visit his online portfolio at:


Guest Letterer: Micah Myers



Micah Myers is a freelance comic book letterer from Portsmouth, Va. He lives with his wife, Tiffany, and is training his two children, Jacob and Charis, in the ways of comic book fandom. Micah has lettered comics for multiple companies such as Emerald Star Comics, Red Leaf Comics, Pilot Studios, and Evil Moose Comics. He has lettered stories for Kelly Bender, Gregg Paulsen, and Mark Bertolini. He is always looking to work with more creators.Micah also has an Etsy store where he sells wallets and buttons made from recycled comic books called, “micah  myers’ comic book creations.”;;