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Comic Sleuth

A big thank you to Jay Brown of Comic Sleuth for reviewing the 512th Day of Christmas calling it a“fresh, original and humorous from a small team of talented creators”

Fanbase Press

Erik Cheski of Fanbase Press was nice enough to give us a review of the 512th Day of Christmas.

Crowdfinders Podcast

I was the featured guest of the Crowdfinders podcast this month. It was great to talk to one of my favorite pod casters about the world of indie comics.…/…/show/crowdfinders/id/4452493

Fanboys Anonymous

When I used to edit part time for Fanboys Anonymous, I used to really love Sean’s writing and his reviews. He was the first person I asked to review our first book and he took us up on the offer.

Comics Reading Comics

Comics Reading Comics is a hilarious podcast where Improv comedians read a comic book every episode. We describe each panel, and do voices for every character. It is a completely auditory experience that appeals to old comic books fans and even those who have never picked up a comic.

We were incredibly lucky to have them read The Man Who Has Everything and Run For Your Life.



PVD Podcast

If you haven’t heard of John Orlando, he’s a local here in Columbus, OH that focuses on the world of the indie. He’s bright and just a hell of a nice guy. He also interviews a lot of other local indie comic creators as well as independent wrestlers. He was nice to invite me on.


Street Witch

Corey White and I have been friends for a long time. He’s developed an incredibly fun RPG game that you may enjoy. We wanted to give his site a shout out and hope you try your hand at the Mage: the Ascension. And his friends run a site for lockpicking here: