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LONG SHOT published on

The best shot in the land proposes a contest against four renowned shooters for all his money and land, but chances of winning are a LONG SHOT.

Guest Artist: Gwydion Vibart

Pencils & Inks

Gwydion was born in Ilha Bela, Brazil in 1988 and is now living in Argentina. He was raised in an English speaking family so it is more than a second language. He also studies Japanese and practices Aikido. He’s drawn comics since the first time he got his hands on one, practically since the age of 8, and has learned almost everything he knows about the making of them the tough way. He also loves video games and movies and studied animation as a career. If drawing was his first love, making them move is undoubtedly his mistress. He tries to make his pictures as alive as he can, mainly because he believes that, like photographs, drawings take from life to build a monument frozen in time.