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KNOCK THREE TIMES published on

Stan is quite the worrier. One night, a murder takes place next door to his apartment. The killer’s three low knocks haunt Stan. Stan gives himself over to paranoia. He waits for the moment that the three low knocks will be landing on his door. 

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Guest Artist: Damon Threet

Pencils & Ink


Damon Threet worked as a graphic designer and Art Director for many years. After deciding that wasn’t what he wanted to do when he grew up, he started on his lifelong dream of working in comics.  He currently has several comic projects in the works. He also creates graphics for board and war games.



Guest Letterer:

T. Perran Mitchell


T. Perran Mitchell is from Phoenixville, PA. Comic Maker, Software Breaker, Doctor Strange Impersonator, T. has worn all these hats and more over the years.  After trying his hand at lettering on his own comic, T. just couldn’t stop and is now putting words to pictures on as many comics as he can find. If you need words with your art and you can find him, maybe you can hire T. Perran Mitchell.