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FOR LOVE OR MONEY published on

A young woman falls in love with a rich husband and begins to wonder whether it was for love or money. Over time they fall out of love. She’s had a taste of the good life, but enough of her husband.  She seduces the doctor assigned to save her husband to botch his upcoming surgery.

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Guest Artist:Nathan Matthew


He’s a comic book penciler who’s drawn for a few small comic publishers for over a year now. His art style is influenced by Frank Frazetta, John Romita Sr., and Wally Wood and ranges from simplistic to heavily detailed. He currently lives in Texas.


Guest Artist: Ivan Miranda



After growing up and studying Illustration & Cartooning in the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Ivan moved to Madrid, Spain in order to hone his abilities and widen his perspective in the art field.He studied 2D & 3D animation in ESDIP (Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional) where he continued to pursue his career as an animator working in various shorts and a yet-to-be-released full length film. He is also currently finishing his own personal project.For Ivan, being able to learn about and work in so many different aspects of art has been a sort of double-edged sword, dedicating most of his hours in front of his desk, working and pondering what he might do next.



Guest Letterer: Nic Shaw



Nic J Shaw is a comic creator by trade. For the past two years, Nic has been making waves in the comic community both lettering and writing. He’s had his work published by IDW, Gestalt, and Black Mask comics as well as a slew of other self-published creators. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his girlfriend and dog.