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Thank you for visiting. We’re been working on longer pieces of work which we’re very excited about. However, it’s left us short of resources to create the short fiction we’ve loved creating. As for now, we’re taking a break presenting a new story once a month. We’ve still got plenty to read and we’ll keep you up to date on all the new books we have coming your way.


  • Woman in the Moon

  • Rob and Stew Escape Slave Camp 9

  • Gertrude Tully's Love Affair

  • Killer Weed

  • Mind Games

  • Rise of the Super Villains

  • The Chosen Riders

  • Tricks of the Trade

  • Snowy the Snowman

  • Long Shot

  • Hell House

  • Blizzard

  • Lady Luck

  • Hunger for Power

  • The New Kid

  • Cat & Mouse

  • Convention of the Gods

  • Acting With Intent

  • Love Is An Illusion

  • Exiled From Vanity

  • For Love or Money

  • Laws of Nature

  • Knock Three Times

  • The Voice

  • Lost but Not Forgotten

  • Run For Your Life

  • Sell Out

  • Tarot Con

  • The Con That Never Ends

  • King of the World

  • Trouble in Paradise

  • The Man Who Has Everything


  • 512th Day of Christmas

  • Spellbound

  • Frankenstein for Mayor

  • The Marriage Act

  • A Matter of Perception